17 January 2016

"Lose myself in time just thinking of your face"; Zombie sketch

Weekend. Oh precious weekend, how I love you! I finished this painting yesterday very quickly, because it's one of these paintings I did for the sake of trying out things ;) I already told you in the last post that I want to experiment more with gouache, which I did in this painting. For me, gouache is reeeeally different compared to water colours (it actually reminds me a lot of acrylics, which I don't like thaaat much because I'm not able to use them at all! They're SO tricky for me!), but the fact that you can easier create areas that are opaque is great and exciting!
I still don't have a new scanner, so this is a photo.

Sketched this last night :D I finished the first part fo the sixth season of TWD a few days ago, and OH MY GOD, it's sooo good! Though I must say that there are some characters who are so fuckin' annoying XD

Happy sunday!

P.S. Isn't it great that the title of the mermaid painting ("Lose myelf in time just thinking of your face") is also very fitting for the zombie sketch?!

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