14 January 2016

Happy Thorsday and a mermaid wip

Well, to be completely honest, this little Thor is already from last thorsday, but since I haven't shared him here on the blog (and I didn't draw a new one today...), here he is :)

I started this painting last sunday (and I also wanted to finish it on this particular sunday... d'oh!), with the intention to try out some things with gouache again... I only own one colour (white), which I mixed up with other colours. Somehow, I was always a bit afraid of goauche (and I still am), but nevertheless, here's to trying out new things and facing your fears! Gouache can be pretty awesome when you know how to use it. But well, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to this medium. And because of that, my birthday wish this year is a set of gouache colours :)

Happy thorsday!

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