29 March 2015

Some sketches, some colours and another gift for me!

I haven't posted a lot of sketches here lately. Time to change that. I'm feeling a bit better now, but I'm not fully recovered from this cold. While I was lying on the sofa and watched Netflix A LOT in the last couple of days, I also sketched a lot. Here are two pages:

I actually wanted to colour this with colour pencils, but I was in the mood for pencils, so I gave this sketch of Frida Kahlo some more shades and details. She's such an inspiration *____* Took the ref from one of my books of her. 

Three heads I sketched with the intention to create different characters (I am sooo successful with drawing full body sketches... NOT)

Yesterday was the first day in nearly three weeks where I finally could sat down on my desk and paint! Felt good! Yay! Worked a bit more on this today, but then I got tired in the afternoon and had to return to the couch. Nay.

DAMN, look at this super beautiful painting I got from Henna aka Tantziki as a birthday gift!!! ;____; She's such an amazing person and so talented, truly an inspiration! :)


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