07 December 2014

Hidden genitals and a foggy night.

My personal working title for this piece of art makes me snickering for about half an hour now (it's "hidden genitals", by the way) I am so hilarious! Plus it's pretty crazy how much I neglect my blog right now, although I've got lots of things I'm working on (which I could already show you). But my relationship with art is a tiny bit complicated right now, and so my motivation to keep posting everything suffers, too. I hope that changes pretty soon, because I reeeally don't like to dig through dozens of folders on my computer to find wip shots... (which, btw, I neglect, too!)

YES, I love fog (when I'm not driving a car)! Fog can be very scary and mystical, which makes me love it even more. These photos are from last night. And again, I was VERY happy that I own a tripod!
Have a nice sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Spannender WIP und schöne Fotos! Hoffe deine Motivation kehrt bald zurück :)


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